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Pre-written Time-Saving Electrical Specifications
Compiled by Licensed Professional Engineers!
Select, modify, and apply these specifications to meet your needs!
“Electrical Equipment and Installation Specifications for Industrial and Large Commercial Facilities”© is a comprehensive set of detailed electrical construction specifications on a CD-Rom in an easy-to-read PDF format. It was developed to assist those involved in electrical equipment specifying and electrical system installation design. This new product is a major time-saver! It brings a depth of knowledge and experience to any engineer, designer or specifier of electrical systems.

In particular, these specifications have been created for such users as:
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Experienced Electrical Engineers
Reduce the time spent on compiling electrical equipment and project electrical installation specifications.

Newly Licensed Professional Electrical Engineers
Cut your learning time down, and produce excellent electrical project design specifications on your very first project assignments.

Facilities Designers and Engineers
Produce comprehensive project electrical specifications for your new facilities, facility expansions and facility modifications.

Electrical Contractors
These electrical equipment and electrical installation methods and details can be used as excellent training material for your field electricians.

All Project Engineers
Include Electrical Specifications with your plans and drawings for Contractor bidding purposes. This will ensure that all bidders are basing their costs on the exact same design criteria.

This material includes separate sections on:
Substations, Transformers, Switchboards, Panelboards, Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Conduits, Wiring Methods, Motors, Controls for Motors and Processes, Lighting, Stand-by Generators, New High and Low Voltage System Testing Methods, Electrical Preventive Maintenance Testing, and various other sub-systems, equipment and installation specification details.

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